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Welcome to my web site!   

  •  I care for ages: newborns to age 3 years.
  • I offer full time, and part time childcare services.
  • School teachers do not pay for the summer, and your slot stays reserved.
  •  I have 21 years experience in the childcare field.
  •  I operated an in-home childcare business.
  •  Infants: I provide baby food; cereal, juice, vegetables, and fruits.Formula is not provided, since, it's expensive and some providers have been known to water down the formula (in to save to make a profit).
  •  Toddlers; I provide breakfast, lunch and a snack.
  •  Hours open: Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
  •  Environment :Safety Emphasized, and child proofed.
  •  Excellent compliance Record with T. D. P. R. S (child care licensing).
  •  I exceed state require child care training.
  •  1997 Accredited Provider by  N.A. F. C. C.  National Assoc. for Family Child Care.
  •  Breastfed babies welcome, breast milk preparation, and defrosting  experienced.
  •  Criminal background checks are performed by childcare licensing every  two years on all registered or licensed providers.
  •  I was also paid to mentored other providers in the childcare field.
  •  For the safety of the children in care; interviews or home visits are held after childcare hours.
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